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I’m Silvia, a passionate cook who hopes to share the basics of Italian cuisine with… curious guests!

In my life I have had many work experiences, including the pleasure of working at the Le Beccherie restaurant in Treviso, the place where the famous Italian dessert was born around the mid-1900s: Tiramisu!
I must confess that the experience that filled me with the most joy was working in the kitchen of a nursery school. Simple dishes but made with love for the little guests who slowly grew up… also thanks to me.

And then… Giulia arrived, a friend who opened the doors of home cooking and cooking classes to me. With her I began my journey and experienced my first cooking classes made up of curious and amazed tourists.

I was thus able to combine a passion for cooking with the desire to welcome and make guests feel “at home” by sharing regional, family and Sunday dishes with them!

For anyone who wants to contact me, I will offer all my expertise in the kitchen, my passion and desire to share.

My Cooking Classes

My services

Learn to cook or experience a dedicated Chef just for you!

Cooking Class
A cooking school for fresh pasta, desserts, and typical Venetian cuisine. Customers work in every stage of recipe creation, following my instructions and with my assistance, and then savor what they have prepared!
Home Chef at Home
I prepare a lunch/dinner and transfer everything to the client's home, where they can enjoy the agreed-upon menu.

Here are some tips for fresh pasta:

Use high-quality ingredients.
Knead the dough for a long time.
Let it rest in the fridge.
Roll it out thinly.